About Us


About Us

DAYA INSANI was founded in 2004 by individuals who believed every human have their own self potential excellence, which have may not been revealed and/or well fostered, or have not have the opportunity to make it happened, or may perhaps the consequence of miss leading perception and social environment care.

We are determined to serve all to the good of many individuals, groups and organizations.

Our Philosophy

To find out the strength, to nurture the existing, and to reveal ones potential is equal to the success of an organization. Utilizing the best of all individuals in an organization may create long term profit — both tangible and hidden aspects.

Our Vision

Become the most credible psychology and hypnotherapy consultant with reliable services in the country. Being dynamic, evolving in service and science application, be involve in increasing number of productive human resources in Indonesia.

Our Mission

Serve organization and individuals to find, expose, establish, and optimize ones potential in work area and social living.

Our Target

We focus on quality, which to identify ones potential aspects and its development as well to our best practice in services.

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