Alpha Therapy for Your Beloved Ones (the “S-N-P” technique)

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Most parents nowadays are well equipped with parenting knowledge with many books or references could freely be downloaded or bought in bookstores around us. Furthermore, many day cares or early education institutions offer lots of programs to train your beloved ones in order to develop the child’s brain, to strengthen their motoric system, to identify and utilize their multiple intelligence, and even offer to help activate the child’s center brain! In other words: ‘boost your child’s potential’.

Most of these programs may indicate a positive response for the child or positively stimulate the child’s potential. Although, not every program are suitable for them, at least they learn to adapt with their surroundings. But one thing is for sure, it is their parents that count! If parents are misguided by the vast array of new knowledge, they will end up being confused or just playing with their eagerness and ego. Nowadays, parents must open their heart and mind on how to nurture their beloved ones so that these beautiful beings may grow naturally in the balance of their mental, psychology and intelligence. The keyword is: “never rush and always trust your child’s ability”.

Between the balances of growth, there is the essential ‘point of corrections’. The basics of this, is to back track and embed meanings of values’. Between the age of 5 to 12 years old, every child will store billions of new information that may affect their lives in future. So, in most essential parenting; it is this moment that corrective meanings (positive messages) must be addressed to the child, in the effort to correctly guide them (think as an: appropriate paradigms and behavior). The most useful tool to achieve this is ‘repetitive messages’. Give them the ‘SNP’, simple-natural-positive messages repeatedly. This way the child may somehow store a balanced meaning of information. Good luck with this parenting tips!

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